Brochures are known to be one of the most popular forms of print media for many reasons.  A brochure is a great tool to display informational materials for new products, service lists, menus, info sheets, etc. Start by choosing which colors you would like your brochure to be then whether it should be printed on card stock or magazine-like paper. Lastly, choose the style of fold that best presents your information!

Turnaround times for brochure printing can vary depending on the quantity and the deadline you are looking to reach. Your most cost-effective solution is to order early if you plan on ordering a large quantity of brochures. If you are reaching a deadline, however, Docuprint is usually able to fulfill a rush order at additional costs but with the same quality as all of our other print jobs.

Along with having more than 4 folding options for brochures we can further customize them by adding preset creases to ensure that your printing will not be damaged no matter how many people handle it!


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