Looking to promote your event or company with a piece that will leave a lasting impression? Let Docuprint Help.

Our flyers usually come on 12pt stock, UV Coated. The typical sizes are 4″ x 6″ (quarter page) or 5.5″ x 8.5″ (half pages).

If you’d like us to create the art for you, we have the ability with our in-house graphics department. Or if you’d like to create the flyer yourself, please take a minute to check out the pointers below to ensure you’re print will come out exactly how you’d like it to.

Keep your text within the cuts. No matter the end file dimensions, it’s recommended to keep all text or important information & images 1/8″ in from the cut. With the UV coating, the flyers will try to move just a hair during the pressure generated from the cutter. An 1/8th inch space from the cut line will ensure you don’t loose any important text when this happens.

Ensure there’s enough bleed. If your flyer is going to have a colored background or an image that is going to be cut through, then you will want to ensure you have a 1/8″ bleed all around the card. An easy way to ensure you have your bleed and that you want to stay in the cut line, create the file 1/4″ larger than your cut. If you’re wanting a 4×6 flyer then you’re going to want to create the file as 4.25″x6.25″. If you have the ability to use guides, then bring your guides in 1/4″ from each of your sides. This way as long as your text stays within those guides then you know for sure that they will make it after all is said and done.

Create the file with a 300 minimum resolution. Please ensure that your file is created at a minimum 300dpi. Depending on the image editing software you are using, there are different ways of checking this. For most the option for resolution will default to 72. This is only for web use. An image created at 72dpi and will come out extremely pixelated when we go to print.

As long as you’re file meets the above mentioned requirements, you will be able to rest assured knowing it’s going to be printed and cut exactly how you wanted to see it.


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