Please take a moment to check your file for the following requirements to ensure everything goes smoothly.  Once you know your art is right feel free to upload it too us via the form below!  If you’re just requesting a quote, you do not have to upload a file.  Just fill out the information pertaining to the job.

Is your file in the CMYK color mode? We print everything in the CMYK color mode.  Not RGB.

Does your file have bleed? If so please leave at least 1/8″ bleed around each side.

Is your file two sided? Please keep each side in a separate file.

What resolution is your file? Please submit your art with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

File have black text? Please ensure the text is pure black. (0% cyan, 0% yellow, 0% magenta, 100% key/black)

File have a special font? Please provide curves or outlines.

Don’t want to loose important information? Ensure the file has a minimum of 1/16″ of space between the edges and the important text.

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